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ICSD membership promotes the health of the CSI and sustainability industry and your
company. We promote, advocate and advise all industries and are dedicated to:

• Promoting our members’ CSI, sustainability and related initiatives, endeavours and goals
• Promoting and advocacy of CSI, sustainability, Enterprise Development and environmental commitment.
• Provide our members access to industry information
• Provide a forum for solving and discussing critical issues across all industries.
• Highlight industry training and networking opportunities
• Conduct crucial research
• Uphold best practise and accountability

Benefits – Certification of Recognition

Endorsement/Marketing: the credibility that comes with being an association member, an
organisational profile, listings, direct link to your website and press office on the ICSD
website, ICSD member logo for application on your own website/Publishing
Knowledge: Access to the latest news and information regarding CSI, Sustainability,
Enterprise Development including related events and workshops within South Africa.
Information: ICSD updates, periodic newsletters, various reports and publications.
Networking: with other ICSD members at workshops and ICSD events. Your details will
be listed on the membership database
Exposure: across industries, through ICSD – PR and marketing online, offline press and
through social media. Discounted advertising rates for various media including editorial
Specialised Media and Marketing Services: Focus on PR, communications, marketing
and advertising in terms of CSI, Sustainability, ESG and related areas through focused
channels including recruitment and event promotion
Opportunities:  partner and participate at ICSD events and seminars.
Discounts & Ticket giveaways: discount at selected industry events and exhibitions,
ICSD members also stand a chance to qualify for free admittance to selected events and
qualify for discounted accredited ICSD training programs.
Research: Exclusive reports from the ICSD research studies and surveys, latest news and
information regarding CSI, sustainability, ESG and related areas.
Support: Receive priority support through the use of ICSD tools that may also ensure your
interests in green practices are supported by Council representations to policymakers and
regulatory bodies.
Measurement and Rating Tools and Standards: Providing quantitative and qualitative
standards and tools across industries including norms and standards.
Preferred service provider: ICSD members will be recommended to those seeking green,
sustainable products and services; members who offer training can request to conduct courses
on the behalf of the ICSD.

Members of the Institute for Corporate Social Development
– ICSD Commitment:
Members are committed to an uplifting ethos that promotes social, economic and
environmental change and progress in the pursuit for sustainability demonstrating socially
responsible business practices that is reflected in the membership criteria.

They make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa’s economy, alleviating
unemployment and retaining existing employment opportunities. In this manner the
organisation represents and stimulates the creation of a virtuous circle which benefits all, for
example membership serves as a competitiveness driver through the promotion of CSV
(create share value); an impetus for economic growth, employment creation, social change
and greater overall prosperity.