Readership, Circulation and Distribution

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Corporate Social Review targets a high-end readership of over 10 000 publication
beneficiaries,  mostly in LSMs 8-10, including business owners, leaders and opinion-makers
on Corporate Citizenship, Senior executives overseeing marketing, corporate responsibility
programs and/or providing those services to companies across governance, risk, compliance,
sustainability, environmental responsibility and philanthropy including Government
departments, NGOs, NPOs and Public Benefit Organisations.

Corporate Social Review readership profile:

• Senior management and Executive committee members
• Marketing director/managers/departments
• Corporate Affairs, communications and PR departments
• CSI/Sustainability department/practitioners
• Non-Profit, Public Benefit organisations and Various Industry Bodies
• Event companies and organisers
• Events, seminars, conferences and workshops
• Airport lounges

30% Top 600 Companies Ranked By Annual Turnover & Listed Within Chambers Of
Commerce & Industry Year Books&gaffney Business Contact Official Yearbook

15% Government Departments/various Organisations And Industry Bodies

20% Assorted Non Profit And Public Benefit Organisations – SA Development Directory /
Prodder/Sangonet Listed Organisations

20% Advertising & Marketing Agencies / PR& Communications Companies

15% Retail, Clients, Client Nominated Beneficiaries, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars,
Training & Business Related Functions

Selected Distribution Partners