Content & Objectives

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Corporate Social Review
 aims to be an indispensable resource to all operating in the
development arena – from those in the corporate sector and within non-profit organisations to
decision-makers in government responsible for social development policy.

In particular, publication assists those seeking to partner with other interested stakeholders in
order to achieve greater developmental impact.

Climate change
Stakeholder engagement
Labour and human resources
Human resource management
Environmental Integrity
Management mentality
Alliances with stakeholders
Capacity building
Corporate governance
Climate change action
Unethical Conduct
Supply chain management
Product responsibility
Community investment
Corporate governance
Reporting and disclosure
Community investment and pro-poor development
The era of broader CSI professionalism
Leadership & regulation From governments
A new approach to business models

Content also includes:

• Projects/Developments
• Construction
• Mining
• Agriculture
• Infrastructure
• Telecommunications
• Management
• Legal
• Tax
• Finance & Equity
• Assets & Investments
• Banking & Insurance
• Marketing & Selling
• Human Capital
• Information Technology
• Resource Management