Created Shared Values

Strategy for developing the future market while also strengthening economies, the marketplace,
communities, and corporate coffers.

Develop shared values that reflect true brand purpose David Clark, Founder of the
David Clark Cause – "Brands aren’t judged by what they promise, but by what they do".
If consumers aren’t able to relate to a brand’s purpose, and don’t share its values towards people,
profits and planet, its performance and sustainability will be impacted.

Corporate Social Review assists companies in creating and promoting shared values through
the development of innovative solutions to environmental, social and government challenges
whilst providing multiple platforms in terms of coverage and exposure.

The central premise behind creating shared value is that the competitiveness of a company
and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. Recognizing and
capitalizing on these connections between societal and economic progress has the power to
unleash the next wave of global growth and to redefine capitalism.

Companies can create shared value opportunities in three ways:

• Reconceiving products and markets – Companies can meet social needs while better serving
existing markets, accessing new ones, or lowering costs through innovation

• Redefining productivity in the value chain – Companies can improve the quality, quantity,
cost, and reliability of inputs and distribution while they simultaneously act as a steward for
essential natural resources and drive economic and social development

• Enabling local cluster development – Companies do not operate in isolation from their
surroundings. To compete and thrive, for example, they need reliable local suppliers, a
functioning infrastructure of roads and telecommunications, access to talent, and an effective
and predictable legal system.