Enterprise Development

Corporate Social Review showcases the extensive variety and innovative Enterprise
Development schemes undertaken by South African businesses, as well as thought-provoking
editorial pieces from business leaders.

The publication covers a range of industries and reaches a wide audience of business owners
across South Africa, featuring topics such as ED trends and statistics, industry norms and
standards, case studies, Enterprise Development success

What is Enterprise Development?

Enterprise development (ED) incorporates many facets from the creation of new enterprises to
the redevelopment or funding of existing enterprises with the intention of accelerating such an
organisation to achieve its goals and objectives in the pursuit of sustainability. Enterprise
development relies on ideas that create sustainable enterprise initiatives that respond to
fulfilling a need in either the consumer or corporate market.

Enterprise Development can also be of benefit to the company (contributor) depending on the

Benefits to the contributor include:
B-BBEE Score Card Contributions towards ED are recognised for point towards your
B-BBEE scorecard. Enterprise Development (ED) is one of the 7 elements contained within
the BEE scorecard. It counts 15 points towards the scorecard and has a strong link with
procurement. If you utilise an Enterprise Development Beneficiary within your supply chain
you get to recognise 20% more BEE spend in procurement.

A conscious responsibility towards fellow citizens.
Through enterprise development companies can help create a sustainable business for fellow
South Africans by giving them the necessary tools, knowledge and finance to do so.
Through this, one can reduce the dependence on Government and businesses for grants and
subsidies. When EDF Funds are applied responsibly the impact will be felt on a national level
and the economy will experience growth through an increase in the number of self-sustained

Return on Investment
Companies can earn a return on investment through the strategic application of Enterprise
Development Funds (EDF) which would result in growth in turnover and profits. This allows
the contributor to not only recover the funds spent, but exceed the minimum contribution value
in many cases.