The Institute for Corporate and Social Development (ICSD) is a non-profit, public benefit
organization. The idea of the ICSD originated in 2009 when the founder member
Treasure Louw was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, having worked in the corporate
environment for 30 years with the last 20 spent as Marketing and Communication Manager
for a large commodities company.

Treasure came to face the challenges of living with a degenerative illness in a society ill
equipped to understand and deal with the condition and came to realize that the situation
was not unique to her illness and that there was a need to look at the bigger picture.

Though results from extensive research both local and international the concept of
The Institute for Corporate Social Development – ICSD was developed.

The SA Governments Green Economy Plan, the Department of Social Developments
Research on Socio economic trends, research conducted by CSR Asia, and the European
Commission all indicated the need for change within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Some of the outcomes resulted in the implementation of the new 2011-2014 strategy by EC
for CSR and a world trend to a change in the manner with which CSR is implemented in
business, taking CSR to another level as an evolving concept, and no longer random charity
or philanthropy behaviour. CSR is looked upon strategically within business operations,
governments for sustainability and development.

Through Marketing Research conducted within businesses and institutions on the
understanding and awareness of CSR amongst employees the ICSD identified the need for
Awareness Training Programs. These programs have been developed in line with the latest
international trends within CSR. The diversity of the South African Business arena and scope
of Institutions and Associations has been taken into account in the development of the
Awareness Training.