Creating a platform from which all stakeholders can reap sustainable benefits through social
initiatives to change our world mission includes:

Challenging social innovation, development thinking and practices, championing the
development and implementation of CSR Norms and Standards in SA

Aims: Provide multiple platforms from which to promote and implement standards, norms and
practices in resource mobilisation accountability and transparency within CSR, sustainability
and corporate governance.

• Identify and strengthen successful resource mobilisation practices including capacity building
and enterprise development.

• Create examples and inspiration for other non-profit organizations and promote
cross-regional learning.

• Promote the overall credibility of and trust in the non-profit sector for long-term sustainability.

• Recognise and celebrate excellence in the non-profit sector.

• Strengthen civil society, through public recognition of best practice.

• Assist in identifying suitable programs related to Sustainable Development CSR, CSI,
Capacity Building and Gender Equality that fit with the core business strategies of
organizations, government and institutions.

• Develop and assist with implementing communication programs on sustainable development,
CSR CSI and Gender equality.

• Provide project based consultancy/management and implementation services, training and
workshops on Sustainable and Enterprise Development, CSR, CSI, Social Innovation and
Gender Equality.

As a South African organization we have been blessed with access to remarkable
bio-diversity and a rich natural heritage. In pursuit of sustainable success we will continue to
explore that bio-diversity and harness that potential to the very best of our collective abilities.

Ancillary Objectives include but not limited to:

• Continuous promotion of local and global awareness regarding Corporate social investment,
responsibility, sustainability and environmental issues.

• Continuously striving to make a meaningful difference to society and the environment.

• Forming and maintaining trusting relationships.

• Uniting Business, Employee and Communities through creating shared value (CSV).

• Raise awareness on all elements within the realms of Corporate Social Investment /

• Responsibility and Environmental preservation.

• We provide a platform for Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Business

• Development regarding Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

• Provide training within the areas of CSI and sensitivity regarding social interaction and
organisational governance.

Assist and promote
the funding of NGOs.

The ICSD is governed
by a board of directors, consisting of persons committed to promoting
real corporate social responsibility, investment and sustainability.

The board provides
strategic direction to ICSD and fulfils an oversight function with regards
to resources staff and activities. The board is also responsible for ensuring that The ICSD
complies with all laws and regulations applicable to non-profit organizations in South Africa.