Proudly South African


Proudly South African

Proudly South African
 is the “buy local” campaign launched in 2001 by government,
organised business, organised labour and community organisations (the constituencies
represented in the National Economic Development and Labour Council – Nedlac) to boost
job creation and pride in “local” by promoting South African companies and their
‘homegrown’ products and services.

By buying Proudly South African, both consumers and businesses are making a personal
contribution to nation-building. Consumers get an assurance of quality because only quality
products carry the Proudly South African mark, while members of the Campaign are
furthermore committed to an uplifting ethos and socially responsible business practices which
are reflected in the membership criteria.

In this manner the Campaign represents and stimulates the creation of a virtuous circle which
benefits all.

Tel: +27 (0) 11 327 7778